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A note from Nichola Robinson, Founder

I am the founder of Dates At Eight and want to let you into a secret, I didn’t set this up initially to become a business, I set this up to find the kind of love that I want and that has eluded me so far, so I wracked my brains as to what I could do and then it developed into something much more…  
step inside and find out why you should become a member of Dates At Eight.

Join thousands of other like-minded people across the world on this journey of discovery, romance, life, and love.

Book the Events that interest you

At Dates At Eight you don’t need to have a dating app literally attached to your hand 24/7 waiting for that elusive “ping” and match.  You find your tribe by booking events that interest you, it stands to reason that your person will be there too, there you go we have given you one thing in common from the off!

Honesty & Integrity

Dates At Eight takes honesty and integrity very seriously, so we vet all our member applications to make sure that people are who they say they are, no fancy filters here at Dates At Eight, your actually going to meet the person who appears in the picture!

Lies, deceit and truth

Lies, deceit and truth stretching is against our code of conduct, we want you to meet authentic people to become friends with and maybe even find love, whilst all the time being your true authentic self as well.


Filters are for coffee machines, not for photographs, there is someone for everyone, so be true to yourself and the love life will follow.


We have partnered with the absolute best in highly qualified, educated and informative, kind and caring coaches and motivational speakers, who will guide you on how to do this thing called love, how to put past mistakes to bed and how to be the best you in all areas of your life, so you can truly show up as your authentic self.  Guess what if you meet someone here at Dates At Eight, they too have been through that process as well, so there we have a great foundation for a loving caring relationship.

Face to Face Groups

Our face-to-face group events that mean you can place yourself in the same room as the beaut that turned your eye, which in turn means you are safe and sound in a group, you can see how they behave and if you’d like to arrange to see them again, and if you do, just ask your host to get their cupids arrow out!

Hosted first date events

We all know the nerves of a first date, so what if your first date was with a group of other first dates and if you were uncomfortable you could just order a certain drink and someone gave you an excuse to leave? Yes, that’s it, we arrange hosted first date events, where you can feel comfortable in numbers but still have that intimate first date experience.

So let’s not get ghosted, catfished or let down, let’s make it that you will meet wonderful likeminded people and will be able to invest in YOU, lets sign up now to this brand new concept that is Dates At Eight.

Invest in You

Let’s face it, if you can invest in you, then the person you choose to be with will have the very best version of you, and if you meet them right here on Dates At Eight, they will have invested in themselves too!!  We are on to a winner!!

Likeminded friends

And I have a bonus for you too, in the process of meeting your Mr or Mrs Right, you will also make an abundance of likeminded friends, what is not to love??, in fact you may even stay on as a social member because you love it so much with your new beau!

Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find questions answered by the Dates at Eight Team



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