Oxford Dictionary Definition of Adventure

“an unusualexciting, and possibly dangerous activity, such as a trip or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity

Well that’s the dictionaries definition but when I apply the word adventure to life love and relationships, I mean all those words but variations of them in many different contexts.

Being single, especially when you are a full-blown adult, potentially with kids involved and some battle scars from previous relationships its bloody daunting, no two experiences can be the same as there are so many different dynamics in every set of circumstances. 

Single life dating is an Adventure it is scary, it is exciting and a journey that will have peaks and troughs, highs and lows throughout but most of all it should be fun.

In today’s climate, the fun is also marred by ghosting (Ghosting is basically rejection, only without the finality. It is when someone stops answering your texts or calls without explanation. This often happens out of nowhere. It can leave you feeling confused, hurt, and paranoid.)and catfishing (Urban dictionary defines catfishing as “ the phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional or romantic relationships.) as well as battling through undesirable behaviours until you finally find someone you actually want to spend quality time with.  It is a minefield I tell you!!

But despite the perils, we should grasp the dating journey with both hands, we only have one life and it is our responsibility to take that life, grab it tight and make it the best experience it can be.  It is our responsibility to tackle issues head on and move on from them.  The past is in the past, leave it there and do not revisit it unless you are reminiscing about lovely times, the present is a gift, treasure it and live each day as if there could be a storm tomorrow, and if there is a storm tomorrow, go outside and dance in the rain!  The future of our love life is down to you, it is down to you to take that big adventure, even if that means getting out of your comfort zone and going out, meeting people, talking to people, do it often and you will find it comes naturally.  If you can’t find someone to do that thing you really wanted to do, straighten your crown kings and queens and go and do it anyway.  Confident, happy people attract potential soul mates.

Join that club, I heard Dates At Eight is pretty good 😊, ive included the link here for you too, aren’t I good? www.datesateight.com I founded it, as I needed to become that confident happy person that attracts others, I needed to be that person who moves out of the comfort zone of joggers and tshirts and gets our there with freshly washed hair, and a brand new confident and happy attitude that attracts the people I want to be around.  I just thought that having a club would help, it will….come join us xx



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