Affiliate FAQ’s

Please check your user name and password has been entered correctly as a first point of call.  Please hit forgot password and reset it.  *check things like your caps lock and number lock to make sure this isn’t causing you to enter the right password with the wrong character case.  If you have forgotten your log in details. 

Your user name is NOT your email address, please make sure that you have the correct user name.

If you are still experiencing problems please email and we will sort the issues out from our back office.

If your application comes back as “Spam” this is likely because your IP address or email has been blacklisted by google at some point, this could be for a number of reasons such as a past virus.  No problem though,  in the first instance try to register using your mobile phone but turn off wifi first and use mobile data.  If you still have problems just email us at and we will set you up in our back office and clear your email for use with Dates at Eight. 

Send to us your required UserName, Password, email address and paypal email address along with your association with Dates at Eight ie Host, Area Manager, Member, Coach or a combination of these.  **we need this information as each affiliate type has different access to parts of the website according to status.

Simply click enter the home page of the website and hit the tab “affiliate area”

Once into the new page, fill out each section of the form, be sure to tell us all the information we need including how you want to work with us, even if that is more than one way.  The more information the better.  You might be a member who wants to invite friends and share on your social media, you might be a host who also wants to be a coach, or you might be wanting to become and area manager.  Let us know how you envisage working with Dates at Eight.

Well, why  not?  Join as an affiliate and you can invite friends to join Dates at Eight across the UK and beyond, your going to love it, so why shouldn’t they.  Also the more people that join the better the success for singles to meet new people.  But here is the bonus, for every full singles membership that joins through your affiliate link, you will get £21!!  This gets paid into your PayPal account and you can use that to pay for mixer events and date nights, or new shoes, that’s up to you!

We ask for your PayPal account details and your money is sent straight there for you to do with what you wish, you can even use your PayPal balance to pay for your events if you wish or if you are a licensed club owner you can use your commission balance to pay for merchandise you might want from the Dates at Eight marketing shop.

For a Singles Full Membership, an affiliate will be paid £21 for a successful join up of a person joining the club.  Founder Membership is £9 and Social Membership is £6

YES, just hit on the affiliate area and fill in the details.

Once you are logged in as an affiliate, hitting the affiliate area now takes you to your very own back office are where you can view how many of your affiliates have viewed the website, who joined up and how much commission Dates at Eight owes you.

We do a commission payment once a month once we have consolidated all the new memberships for the month, this is paid between 25th-31st of each month straight into your PayPal account.

You can tell everyone! We are a club for all people, all genders, all races, all preferences, all we ask is that people are kind, honest and transparent and that all members follow our codes of conduct.

You can market your affiliate link by copying and pasting it onto your social media with an impelling message, you can add our branding and download posts from our pages to share alongside your affiliate link.  If you have an appropriate website you can add the link to your website too. 

You can convert your affiliate link to a QR code and put this on printed media such as business cards and leaflets with your QR code there clear to be scanned.  In fact you can even order your bespoke business cards and leaflets via our marketing shop if you wish.

Sharing physically word of mouth, by text message, messenger and WhatsApp.  Creating Meetup groups and Facebook groups with enticing content and then adding your affiliate link with that, become and influencer!

Don’t forget the club is currently for over 30’s and in addition to our singles membership we also have our social membership so everyone can take advantage of whats on offer from the events and life coaching perspective.

No share wherever you like, but we are currently growing the club here in the UK first, followed by USA and Europe and consequently we have waiting groups for these people so that they can see what we are doing and join when the time is right.

We currently have affiliates all over the world who know people in the UK and are happily sharing their love overseas as they love the concept so much and the small matter of them earning money from their love too!

YES, you must be, you get the affiliate commission for the first three months of a members membership and then the recurring commission for retaining that member goes to the host of the club they join.  In order to be paid you MUST have an affiliate link/code.

YES, this is optional, but if someone joins our club as a direct result of wanting to work with you and your affiliate link is in your professional profile, then YOU will get a commission for that transaction, you can also be proactive and share it with your clients regardless.

YES, you will be bringing on members as well, your terms are slightly different as you receive commission from members you have brought on yourself and you also take commission from all the hosts working with you.  So it is your job to bring on members and also as many hosts as you can for your areas.  You MUST have an affiliate link though so we can ensure that you get paid.

YES, anyone who tries to download your special offer who then becomes a member as a direct result of trying to access your services will result in you getting a commission payment for that, however this will ONLY work if you affiliate link is on the profile.  You can also share it with your customers, put leaflets on your till areas and send out email campaigns to your network with the link in.

YES, absolutely, not only will you be getting business in your venue from our weekly clubs and business from us holding singles events at your place, you can also utilise your email and customer lists to promote Dates at Eight with your affiliate link as a QR code for people to scan.  Stick it on the back of the toilet doors, anywhere where people will take note, help your host to promote and event by sending the details with your affiliate link to your email list.

Well put it this way, bring 100 people to the table and we will pay you £2100 in commission!! That’s £21 for every full member that joins us via your affiliate link.  It really is a no brainer!

Concerns or questions?

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