For years, I struggled to be my ‘true authentic self’.

The person that feels real, truly statisfied with life! Can you relate with me on this?

I did NOT show up, with my best interests at heart or with my highest SELF.

You see, I was always people pleasing, doing what always feels right for others, before myself.

This made my feel powerless, of no value, frustrated,  un happy and very miserable!

I was far to open, did not set clear boundaries. Or communicate my true feelings. I would allow others (especially men) to take advantage of me.

Let them over step the mark walk all over me!

Nowadays, I reflect on the person I was back then. Over giving and over compensating. Wounded, with low self-esteem, no self assurance or confidence.

I didn’t know ‘who I was’ at a soul level.

Thats when I found my first spiritual mentor. To show me a better way forward.

When I hit my deepest pain point, expereincing a terrible skin compliant. I  felt un lovable. I needed to take ‘self responsibility’ to heal myself from the outside out.

Nowadays – I feel so happy excited at how far I have come.

Ready to open up to a ‘whole new chapter’ in my life and go on an adventure together…..

Being part of the ‘Dates at Eight’ coaching team. What an honour it will be to serve you.

I am so looking forward to sharing my insight and wisdom.

How to be 100% authentic in conscious relationships. So you get to feel high self worth and very much loved and adored in your intimate relationship.

I have so many stories, tools and tips, that will help you on your dating journey. I will show you what works and most importantly what doesn’t!

Remember be patient, hold out for ‘what you really want to feel’ in your life you get to decide!

Love Joanne

Holistic Mentor/Self Breakthrough Coach.

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