Code of Conduct

Dates At Eight Guidelines and Rules

No Sleaze!

Dates At Eight is open to all adults who are seeking one to one relationships, to lead to companionship, friendship, romance and marriage.  We do not exclude anyone based on race, colour or creed, sexual preferences or abilities.  Our profiles will show you the types of people who are coming to our events so that you can make an informed decision if that event and the people going are the right people for you.

The Dates At Eight support team and area managers review each and every profile application for full membership, this provides assurances that you are meeting genuine authentic people.  We can not be held responsible for people breaching our rules; however we will remove offending parties from our memberships should it be proven that they breach our guidelines.

We reserve the right to review our guidelines at any time.

  • We may discount or reject profiles if the content in any way contains narrative text that contain any of the following information.
  • Contact information, such as telephone numbers, emails, full names, addresses.
  • Any information that threatens a member’s anonymity, such as location or descriptions of another member
  • Abusive language of any kind – remember no sleaze, no vulgar language, racism etc
  • Anything suggesting illegal behaviour, acts, or descriptions such as drug use, violence, anything related to children in anyway.
  • Business messages, political views, advertisements, or propaganda
  • Material that exploits young people under the age of 18 years of age.  Anything of this nature will be reported with full details to the local authorities as a duty of care by Dates At Eight.  We also reserve the right to report or remove or both materials that exploit any of our members regardless of age.

For us to monitor our members effectively and safely, all profiles must be submitted in English. All our team members are English speaking only so we would prefer your member application form to be submitted in English.  If your native tongue is not English please help us by translating your application form into English and submitting the English version to us.  We will endeavour to translate any other language other than English but Dates at Eight or any of our Dates at Eight representatives (solely or collectively) cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

Dates At Eight is about mutual and exclusive relationships.  We do not condone affairs or anything that breaches trust in our member.

Dates At Eight TM, we do not allow the use of our material which is trademarked and copyrighted by anyone other than those given express permission to do so such as hosts, area managers, franchisees, and advertising partners.  Dates at Eight hosts and area managers and affiliates have full access to a whole host of advertising material and social media content to download and use for promotion purposes.

Dates At Eight does not allow applications from members under the age of 18.  We currently target our audience at 30+

All our venues and events are aimed at adults over 18 years of age, alcohol is available in all our venues so therefore we reserve the right to increase our minimum age to 21 or more where local law dictates this.

We do not accept applications from members who are currently incarcerated and therefore unable to attend events.

We reserve the right to refuse applications of any type if we deem this person unsuitable for our members or Dates At Eight club morals and code of conduct.

Sounds like lots of rules, but we thank you for helping us to keep Dates At Eight safe and sound and an environment where you want to be and feel comfortable.

With references to Coaches
Dates at Eight engage with coaches to bring free sessions to our members in groups online. All our coaches have unique qualities and have passed our application processes. However the opinion, teachings and costs involved regarding coaches private programmes are not the decisions or opinions of Dates at Eight and we take no responsibility for any recourse regarding coaching outside of Dates at Eight. All our coaches run businesses and charge for their services, however many you can follow on social media platforms and through Dates at Eight to receive valuable content and they will often run free mini programmes.
NB all free sessions are likely to be followed with a promotion of the coaches main services.

Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find questions answered by the Dates at Eight Team



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