Member’s FAQ’s

You can upload photos in your My Account and Profile section, click add/edit photos.  Select the photos you want from your computer or phone and upload. 

Photo format for digital upload should be in jpeg JPG and PNG.  With a maximum of 6 photos with the total amount not greater than 5MB.  Image dimensions should be no smaller than 300×400 pixels.

Your profile photo to be square and the ideal size is 580 x 580 px.   

If you do not have access to this equipment for a small admin fee you can send a selection of photos to us here at Dates at Eight and we will scan and upload for you.  We will then return the originals to you.  We can even arrange for a local photographer to come and take some great images *charges apply or join one our profile mixer events where photographers will be on hand and your photo is included in the price!

If you are experiencing any problems with your profile content then please head to the contact us page, detail your username and the issues you are having and we will endeavour to guide you through the process and put your problems right.

Photos will be screened, reverse image checked for authenticity and removed if deemed inappropriate.  Photos will be removed if:

  • Sexually explicit or offensive
  • You do not appear in your photo
  • Your photo size exceeds 5MB in size
  • It copyrighted material
  • If not in the correct format

We highly recommend that you submit photos that are a clear headshot and full body shots to increase the quality of your profile – remember NO filters or flying birds round heads, dog and bunny rabbit ears or a headful of stars!!

Your profile including photos will take 24-48 hours to be approved following your member interview.

How do I change my password or any other personal details?

To update any of your personal details, please head to the the Profile tab in top right,
1. Press edit on the area you wish to edit, make the changes, and then press save. 

2. Click settings to change your password.

I have met someone, but I don’t want to leave the club as I enjoy the coaching and members offers available, how do I let people know I am not available for dates?

We have now launched a social membership, switch to this membership and take advantage of socials for couples and date events.  Plus still get all the advantages of having access to our coaches.  Your profile will still be in the system, so should you wish to rejoin as a single member simply log in with your user name and password and switch back to a single member status.

To contact customer support, head to the contact us Link on the main menu.  (our response time is within 48 hours)

We offer STRIPE payment via credit or debit card online.  We accept all major credit and debit cards.  Your initial membership is for 3 months, after that it is a recurring payment which you are free to cancel at any time with just 15 days’ notice.  It is your responsibility to cancel any payments with your bank and cancel your subscription with Dates At Eight, if you do not do this then the payment will continue to go out. 

We recommend that you cancel your membership a minimum of 15 days before your payment date is due.  Your payment date will be in line with your original joining date, but please check with customer services if you are unsure.  We do not cancel the payments, this is your responsibility, as such we take subscription payments automatically for each month in advance. 

Once you card has been charged, your order is non-refundable, and your subscription will auto re-new at the end of that time period. 

Your consumer rights give you 14 days cool off period for your initial contract with Dates at Eight.  You must contact us at any point during this 14 day cool off period if you wish to cancel your subscription.

Our address is:

Dates at Eight, 29 Irwell Place, Manchester, UK, M26 1PW

Initial payment of £90 for 3 months membership, month 4 onwards is £30 per month payable in advance.  Globally the subscription price differs slightly to reflect local currency. Eg the USA is currently $45 per month

You can see events advertised with your local Dates at Eight Hosts and Area Managers, as well as on our events page online and on our social media platforms.  When you book and pay for an event, you will then appear on the guest list with a link to your profile.  This means you can view who is attending and event and other people can see that you are attending too.  Just click on the links in the profiles, or on the events tab in the menu.   **this feature may not be available immediately for founder members.

The events vary in price, dependent on location and venue.  They will typically start from £25 which will include food unless stated otherwise on the night.  Dates at Eight works alongside third party event companies in the UK and similar businesses across the world to bring larger group events to the entire membership, local events are organised and run by your local hosts and area managers.

Here at Dates at Eight we do not have private interaction online, this is one of our key features to the club.  However, what you can see is the beautiful profiles of our members and of course which events they are booked on to attend. 

Via your hosts, you can also let other members know that you are going to an event and that you would be interested to say hi. 

Dates at Eight will pass that message for you. 

This site was formed for people who disliked the invasion that traditional dating apps allow.  The idea being that you can meet and get to know people in the more traditional way of face-to-face events, these are group events in great venues and a safe environment for all concerned. 

YES! Of course, they are, many of our members are founding members who have been with us since we started this journey of discovery in the dating and coaching world back in July 2020.  All our members apply and have video verification so that you can not only see but hear how they sound. 

Our team verify and “interview” all our members, all authentic here!  There will always be the occasional fake profile that is attempted to be set up, but as soon as this is discovered we remove, revaluate and take appropriate action accordingly.

Why Should I subscribe to Dates at Eight?  
Dates at Eight does not currently offer any free access to our club via free to upload profiles, we wish to be transparent from the start.

However if you choose to leave the club, your log in details will remain in our system FOC in case you wish to rejoin at a later date.  Your profile in this case will not be chargeable but will also not be visible.   

To take become a full member the current cost is just £30 per month with a 3 month minimum contract.  You must be a subscribed member if you wish to book on an event, show another member that you are interested in them or take advantage of the amazing life coaching online events and membership offers.  Once subscribed you will have full access to all the features and areas across the world on the site.

Our coaches, offers and events are openly viewable on our website, however if you wish to book onto any of our events or coaching sessions you must subscribe as a member.  Minimum 3 month contract applies.

Many of our members have no difficulty finding dates, but maybe just not the right ones, they are often looking for that special someone which is hard to find through online dating apps.  Life’s restrictions such as work, kids, and finances can often play a part too.  Here at Dates at Eight we aim to have monthly events with prices to suit all budgets, time to plan and get babysitters and fit in around work. 

You do not have the risk of “wasting” a night out on someone who is not right as you are going out in a group, so the worst that can happen is you meet new friends, the best is that you meet someone special, remember the people at that event may well have chosen that event because they have seen that YOU are going there too.  This is no pressure socialising with likeminded people.

This is one of the reasons we have no interaction on our profiles, if you do not want to receive any advances from a certain member then you can opt to block certain usernames in your settings. 

However, you can also see the guest list of all events so you can see who is going to what and make your choices accordingly.  If there is someone who we need to know about then contacting our customer support team with your issues is essential and we address the issues, as necessary.

As you browse our public website, where you can see our events, coaches, business affiliates and details of clubs near you, you will be presented with numerous opportunities to join our club.  Just click the link.  If you are already a member you will have an all-access log in to all parts of the members website.

The local hosted events are restricted to between 30-42 people, we are currently restricted by local and national government guidelines, but this works well for us anyway, 5-7 tables of 6 people at each group event and up to 24 couples at our first date events.  The events organised by third party events companies both in the UK and worldwide will be open to all members and will be largely dictated by government guidelines. 

There are only two reasons for this, you have hit the unavailable for dating changes, so therefore are no longer a searchable member for singles.  Or

Dates at Eight are reviewing your account after you have made changes – normally only effecting brand new members or those where a complaint has been lodged.

Head into My Account and Profile and hit “My Profile” to see what others see and make changes and upload new pictures and information

In this world, if you want to succeed it is important to be visible, this includes in love life and relationships!  So make sure your profile if fully filled out, chat to your hosts or area managers if you need help in putting together a great profile, tell us your likes and dislikes, be honest, be authentic, be YOU.  Add as many pictures of yourself that you like, these must not be filtered images or enhanced, remember you ARE going to meet these people so you will get found out!  Honest and transparency is the best policy.  Show up to events, you cant meet people watching TV!

Be descriptive and make your profile stand out!

As we have a policy of transparency and honesty, we do not allow profiles to be hidden if you are an active member of Dates at Eight as a single person.  If you are dating someone or want to take a break from the site, then please change your membership to a social member only, your profile will remain in the system but will not be able to be viewed, your subscription cost will reduce to social membership.  However if you wish to be visible again then your details will all still be in the system, simply email our team at with your wishes to rejoin as a single member and we will change your status within 48 working hours and then you can simply log back in with your user name and password you will be a full single member.

There are a number of ways you can search our site,

  1. you can search for your ideal date by age, gender and location
  2. You can search your ideal mixer, date or social event by date, location and cost
  3. You can search for a coach, business, host or area manager by location and category

Your video should be no longer than a minute long and should be recorded and saved as an MP4 or give us a YouTube link to your video (the video status on YouTube needs to be public). 

Your video should include, something along the lines of “Hi my name is Nichola, I am 46 years old with 2 kids and a dog, I run this business Dates at Eight  I am looking forward to meeting you at these great mixer events”  (Obviously you don’t need to say this, but please within your video state your name and age and something about your interests)  The idea of this video is to hear how you sound, you could even tell a clean cheeky joke if you wish its your introduction, do it your way.  NB*no expletives or inappropriate content will be published.

Your video is not be larger than 25MB and only 1 video allowed.

The simple answer is NO, this is a member only platform and our members have exclusive access to a large range of events across the country, both created by Dates At Eight and also by local hosts of clubs.  However local clubs and Dates At Eight head office occasionally run Promotional Events, where you can purchase and sample a Dates At Eight mixer without being a member, but please note, you will be told all about joining Dates at Eight at these experiences.  These promotional events will be marketed via local hosts and on our social media and tickets will be purchased via our Eventbrite account for UK Guest, Overseas Guest and NON members, all details will be in the promotional adverts.

Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find questions answered by the Dates at Eight Team



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