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We must be mad! Honestly, we must, the hard work and dedication that myself and my amazing team have put in over the last 12 months are phenomenal! But it doesn’t stop there, we have a way still to go to bring to you the club that we really want you to enjoy.

In order to do this, my ladies have agreed to work for FREE until we reach our milestone of 3000 members.  This means that in their own time and for FREE they are putting on events where you can have an amazing time, meet new friends and find out more about Dates at Eight.

It also means that for FREE you have access to our wonderful coaches who have kindly agreed to support us during this period.

All these lovely people believe in the concept, they believe in the dream and they believe that this club is just what is needed and that is why they are happy to help with such generosity.

Obviously, these people also have to earn a living, so they all either have their own businesses or work in their normal day jobs.  Our coaches without exception have their own practices and of course, will from time to time invite you to join their own chargeable and valuable programs.

If an event costs Dates at Eight nothing then it will also cost you nothing, if not it will be a reasonable charge for the event offered.  Head to the events pages on the website and keep an eye on Facebook.

So while we build this great club, please go to the events and support our are managers and posts, as well as meet some great new people, please be active on our forums and on our Facebook pages and groups and please give us feedback where you think it’s necessary.  Please be kind, and where possible please direct criticism or complaints to our messenger on Facebook or via our email address on the website so that we have an opportunity to put it right privately.

So, because of all of the above and until we reach 3000 members you are offered the opportunity to join us NOW for FREE, help us grow, watch us flourish, and support the quest for LOVE and Friendship.

Thank you for all your support

Lots of Love

Nichola Robinson

Founder xxxxx

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