Choosing a venue to host your Dates at Eight Club

When choosing a venue for your weekly club you must consider the following:

Is it somewhere you yourself would like to hang out?
For example I have found a day time venue which is a lovely café with a private area upstairs for boutique tea, coffee and cake, it allows dogs in as well, it is intimate and would suit a smaller club brunch session suitable for those that find it difficult to get out in during the week on a regular basis.  I also have another venue for an evening club night which is a pub, it has zoned areas for dining and the owners are happy for us to have one of these areas each week and welcomes the additional revenue that will be created by a regular meeting.  It is a quiet country style pub with a contemporary friendly feel.

Does it have enough room? 
Is there room enough for a club to sit and chat, this will largely depend on the size of your club, I would recommend that you need to be able to comfortably seat 20-30 people (not all your members will come to the club every week)

Is the venue able to abide by government guidelines with this space?

Is the venue owner happy to commit to our terms of a set day and time each week 3 weeks of each month?

Will the venue promote your club through their own social networks and email lists?

What’s in it for the venue?
A regular meeting 3 times a month, bringing in additional revenue over the bar/counter

Additionally the venue can have an affiliation link so that if they promote the Dates at Eight club at their venue and a person joins as a new member, they will receive their commission, in some cases this could be significant if they have a large network.

Venue dependent they can have additional revenue from hosting Date Events and Mixer events

Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find questions answered by the Dates at Eight Team



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