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Hey there, my name is Ciara Heneghan and I have been in the relationship coaching space for about 20 years now. It all started out working with clients on their relationships with their bodies. I worked with, trained and coached many athletes from triathlon, to body building, to racing and ball sports in how to get their bodies to perform best for them and what that would look like from a health and wellness perspective.

The relationship with yourself is the most important one you will ever have and when it is solid, that solidity spills over into all areas of life. It is a key that is required to unlock the magic of what life has to offer. And as we are in relationships all our lives, this is where everything starts.

I decided to leave the health and fitness industry in 2017 and focus on coaching specifically and went deeper into the relationship space focusing on true confidence and what that looks like, what it can look like, what it should look like, and what it does look like in real life.

I have always been fascinated with how the mind works and spent time studying neuroplasticity, sacred relationship building, rewiring and reprogramming, and how simple it is to change our states, our ingrained behaviors, our learned patterns, and our programmed systems from ones that are not serving us at all, even though we have been taught to be a certain way, and instead into ones that give us the freedom to be who we are born to be and THAT has allowed me to really dig deep into each client I work with to give them clarity of self and so, confidence to relate much better.

The work I do revolves around the truth. The truth of the matter at hand in every situation and so as I work with clients and they bring their limits, I speak to the truth of that limit which in turn frees the client from it and we get to flip the limit to something powerful.

It is a lot of fun doing what I do, especially when the clients in front of me are willing to go wherever the session leads. They come with one thing and it ends up where it needs to and within hours, sometimes minutes after we finish, they have massive breakthroughs and huge results in various parts of their lives.

Sometimes none of it makes sense but that is the beauty of trust. It doesn’t have to make any sense when you are going through something so long as you trust that the person guiding you will show you the light to come out the other side. The client has to want to switch on that light and follow it.

I have been a keynote speaker at many large events, hosted my own, am a published writer for an online magazine, soon to be for another. I write activation poetry and provide spoken activations for clients as and when they may require them.

References of clients:

Hannah Fay Sharples

Lis Barret

Juli Tewly

Vision & Mission


To create a community of strong Queens who are self-thinkers, intuitive doers, powerful women who know what they want and are deeply in tune with all of who they are. Women who are in love with themselves and so, are ready to form the deepest unimaginable connections  with whoever comes into their lives


I am here to activate the deepest truth in each woman I work with and in doing so that lights them up and moves them into taking powerful, truthful action in their own lives which in turn brings them all of what they desire and more than they can imagine.

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