By Alicia Robinson Stewart

In this world, it’s believed that every single one of us has another half. A soulmate, it’s also believed that it’s life’s mission to find that very person, and whether you believe it or not, we are all subconsciously doing so.  

‘The Hunt’, let’s call it.

“The Hunt”

I call it the hunt as for most finding love can feel like just that! For some this hunt is a wild one, it consists of them ripping their way through body after body, connecting meaninglessly with many, waiting for someone to come along and stand out from the crowd.

This route is a dangerous one, as with every person you give your body to, they take and keep a little piece of your soul in exchange for a piece of theirs. In some cases, this could be completely fine, if the soul of your partner is pure, but if not, you’re stuck with the damaged soul of another living within you, and that same person has taken a piece of you, you can never retrieve.  

The soul utilises as a pinpoint for your soulmate to find you, the more you hand out your soul, the slower the process of finding your soulmate will be, as this pinpoint is getting smaller at the rate of you giving pieces of yourself to those who are on the hunt for someone else’s pinpoint!  

Of course, I understand that there is no literal pinpoint or direction to which path you should take to finding the one, and it is near impossible to know who to pursue and who to avoid when it comes to relationships. But this does not mean each time you do pursue a partner, you need to give them ‘your all’ to know whether they are worthy or not of your love.

Keep your soul safe, remember it is your only useful resource when it comes to finding your soulmate, don’t waste it on a passing phase. 

Alicia Robinson Stewart 

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